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Doing our best to defend liberty, justice and freedom for all.  Does that sound odd?  Perhaps in current day it couldn't be further from adversarial.  Does the end justify the means?  That is precisely the question we invite listeners to ask.  Always question those who set and create policy, fore, We Are The People.  Seek and Destroy is the weekly (song) introduction to program and with good purpose.  With so many controversial items facing day-to-day life for, not only Americans, but global citizens around the world, Discussions aims to provide a platform for ALL and ANY view to be voiced.  The vocalization of all and any credible and peer-reviewed research for presentation for listener judgement is welcome to platform.  

How did the program start and why? 

The report published to the right (video) is what set off the investigation for Trottier.  It was Fall 2017.  Location: Miami, Florida.  The information Ian had gathered over the course of the next 3 months from this meeting led him to develop a weekly radio program on WynwoodRadio.  Purpose: investigate, enlighten, educate and talk about controversial topics of national and international importance to uproot corruption and wrong-doing.  The thread Ian connected (view video), left him astonished .... and he believes you'll find (them) so, too.  Contact Ian here

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